Jackie's Tropical Kale Banana Smoothie recipe

fit52 Family Recipe: Jackie’s Tropical Kale Green Smoothie

Filled with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, this kale green smoothie recipe will make you feel your best—all in just 5...
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fit52 Family Recipe: Nobella’s High-Protein Fritters

We are happy to welcome back Nobella Baba! She is back to share her signature recipe: Protein Fritters!
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together lets celebrate 52 weeks of fit52

Celebrating 52 Weeks of fit52!

It's our anniversary! Join fit52 in celebrating our amazing community for becoming their best selves, every day, 52 weeks of...
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A delicious pan of Ivey's butternut squash pasta casserole.

Ivey Childers’ Signature Recipe: Butternut Squash Casserole

Curious about plant-based foods? Ivey’s butternut squash casserole is a simple and nutritious comfort meal that your whole family will...
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Text says "100 DAYS" over a photo of Carrie Underwood from the fit52 path

Celebrating 100 Days of fit52!

We launched 100 days ago! In celebration of our amazing community, we created a video to highlight all of our...
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A preview of three path levels from the fit52 app

Here is Everything You Need to Know About Your Fitness Path

Find your path to fitness! Learn how to find the right workout plan for you, and when to know it's...
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fit52 Workout app

What’s with the 52 in Carrie Underwood’s fit52 app?

Carrie Underwood’s fitness app, fit52, is a holistic, community-powered workout platform that fits fitness into your lifestyle. But what does...
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