My Path to Wellness: How Rebecca Morris Leads Her Own Fitness Journey

Rebecca Morris, our featured community member, stands proudly in the middle of a road surrounded by greenery.

Our fit52 community continues to inspire us with their strength, passion, and—most importantly—never-ending support for each other. We have been delighted to hear so many stories of how members have found their personal path to wellness with the help of fit52!

In celebration of these unique stories, we are proud to announce our first community series, My Path to Wellness. Each month, we will highlight a member’s personal journey, including what inspires them to pursue the fit52 lifestyle and their motivational tips on how to stay the path.

We are kicking off the series with Rebecca Morris—an entrepreneur, dog-lover, and ever-positive force of nature!


Hi Fit52 family!

I am Rebecca Morris and I live in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Being from Oklahoma (like our fave Carrie is) means lots of time during the year to get outside and be active. I was always outside playing competitive soccer growing up, which also led me to play division 1 college soccer. Unfortunately, soccer ended for me with a significant knee injury and surgery—after that, I lacked the motivation to exercise at all.

It took me 5 years to finally make a decision to live a healthier and more fit lifestyle. I knew I could not be inactive for physical health reasons as well as for my mental and emotional well being. For me, working out, exercising and living healthy leads to so many beautiful things! It’s a great stress reliever, and it leads to more self-confidence—in your body but also in knowing that you are stronger and more capable than you ever realized!

I work from home with my own social media-based beauty business and taking the time to workout daily allows me to step away from business activities and do something for ME. I often find many of my best new ideas happen when working out! It is the one hour a day that I am not on my phone, and my mind can just flow with ideas or I can just listen to some good music while bettering myself. 

Being a former soccer player, I love to lift weights to develop lean and toned muscles and I love to get a great cardio session in! And can’t forget those abs!!! The fit52 app kicked my butt the first several sessions because I had not had that kind of cardio in a long time and I loved it! 

Don’t worry about tomorrow until it gets here.”

I know I have done well that day (or week or month) if I am feeling strong, confident, and my clothes fit the way I want them to. I want what is best for my body, not what is good for someone else’s. Self-care and finding your path is about YOU.

I find different ways of self-care that bring me confidence and a feeling of satisfaction. Some days, that might be going for a walk with my dog and no phone, totally unplugged. Sometimes, it is prepping fresh fruit and veggies for snacks in the upcoming week. Other days, may be spending time with family and my boyfriend, or spending some extra time doing one of my favorite beauty masks, or buying myself a new set of Calia workout clothes (because who doesn’t feel good in some new cute workout tops and bottoms ?). You find what makes YOU happy and don’t be ashamed or apologetic about it. Your loved ones will be proud and happy for you if it truly makes you happy.

And there’s one thing I’d like to say to anyone looking to start their own fitness journey: it is a journey. Enjoy the process—embrace the challenge, embrace the changes, and enjoy the effort that goes into achieving your goals. Having a positive mindset and asking yourself “how can I get better today?” is so critical. Don’t worry about tomorrow until it gets here. Enjoy today!!! Go kick some booty and do it smiling!

I would love to follow many of you in the fit52 community and have you follow me on Insta (@becs.morris), so we can support each other on our own paths!!!

Love you guys!
– Rebecca

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