My Path to Wellness: How fit52 Helped Emeri Keffer Learn to Feed Her Soul

Emeri with some trees

Emeri Keffer, a California Kindergarten teacher (or “Keffergarten” teacher), shares how fitness has evolved throughout her life.

Her fitness path had always been contingent on other people, certain events, or milestones. However, with the help of fit52, she has found the personal determination to evolve from contingency to consistency. After running multiple half marathons (despite disliking to run!) she now knows that her path to wellness is for no one other than herself.

Read below to learn more about Emeri’s path and how she learned to feed her soul.


Hi fit52 fam!

Miss Keffer loves having consistency thanks to fit52

My name is Emeri Keffer, and I am a kindergarten teacher in East County, San Diego.

I love teaching, camping with my family, and magical days at Disneyland. I’m also a huge Carrie Underwood fan, so needless to say, it didn’t take any convincing for me to download fit52!

I have always considered myself an active person, but starting fit52 made me realize I wasn’t on the right path to wellness. Up until this last year, any workout or training I would do was always tied to something else. For example, I played softball growing up. Knowing that long-distance running would help me with conditioning and building endurance in softball, I joined cross country in high school.  I didn’t run because I loved it, I ran because I loved pitching.  After high school, my fitness journey remained dependent on the need to prepare for something or when it was convenient.

Consistency is key.

fit52 has given me something I can rely on when everything else has felt so out of control and unpredictable.  It’s never “just a workout” anymore; it’s my time to connect with myself.

While I’ve never been a fan of running, one glance at a “RunDisney” half marathon medal had me sold!  I’ve always been an overachiever, so when I discovered I could earn an extra medal by running a 10k and half-marathon in the same weekend, I signed up right away!  The thing is, I REALLY don’t like running.  I didn’t run because it was feeding my soul, I ran because the medals were incredible.  I ran five half-marathons over the course of two years, including two at Disneyland and one at Disney World.  The sense of accomplishment was huge, I was in good shape, and the medals were beautiful, but it just wasn’t fulfilling enough to continue doing something I really don’t like.

Winning multiple medals has proven Emeri's consistency to her collection has paid off.

My first fit52 workout had me convinced halfway that I wasn’t going to survive to see the end of the workout— but I did.  And then I did it again.  And again.  fit52 pushes me physically in ways I’ve never pushed myself before, it allows me to slow down when I need to, it keeps me motivated (because, you know, I can’t disappoint Carrie!), but most of all, it feeds my soul.

The first time I did Five Fast Feet to Tuck Jumps, I just about collapsed. Now, it’s one of my favorite exercises!  The overachiever in me doesn’t like to do things I’m not good at, but something about fit52 brought out a new side of me: a dedication to physically be better than I was the day before and a commitment to not let the difficult days bring me down.  I feel much more consistent because working out has become something I want to do.

I started fit52 one week before my school closed its doors due to COVID-19. fit52 has given me something I can rely on when everything else has felt so out of control and unpredictable. It’s never “just a workout” anymore; it’s my time to connect with myself.

End of the day, the most consistent think you can rely on is your family.

Looking for your own path?  Find what feeds your soul. If it doesn’t meet you where you are, you won’t stick with it.  If it’s the right thing, everything else will fall into place.

Sending love and light!

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