My Path to Wellness: Lindsay Austman on Finding the Courage to Try Something New

For this issue of My Path to Wellness, we are showcasing Lindsay Austman, a fit52 and Carrie Underwood lover from Canada. Living with lymphedema in both of her legs, Lindsay struggled to find a fitness solution that appealed to her needs. Rather than tackling a high-intensity fitness regime, her only fitness goal was to become a better version of herself and be more present with her family.

After years of watching others do what she wanted to accomplish for herself, Lindsay finally decided she had nothing to lose. Read below to learn how she found her path to wellness with fit52:


Hi fit52 fam,

My name is Lindsay Austman and I am from the city of Saskatoon in Saskatchewan, Canada. I have been working as a cashier at the local grocery store for 9 years and I absolutely love it. 

How did someone like me, who has lymphedema in both my legs, find a passion for fitness? For those who don’t know what lymphedema is, it is caused by damage to your lymph nodes which causes blockage in your lymphatic system. This blockage causes fluid buildup in the affected areas and results in excess swelling. All this to say, it was very difficult to incorporate fitness and wellness into my daily life. 

I found my passion for fitness by following what inspired me. I have always LOVED Carrie Underwood (her music has always been such an inspiration for me), so when I saw she had an app, I had to download it. This was at the beginning of the pandemic, so when things began to escalate, fit52 really helped me get my mind off all of the craziness that was happening in the world.

sometimes courage starts by eating a healthy breaksfast

My own personal journey began by watching others achieve their dreams, and I knew I had nothing to lose in finding the courage to try to achieve my own. 

What helps me stay motivated? Without a doubt, it would have to be music. I put on my favourite CD everytime I do my fit52 workout. I find that my motivation gets carried away through song and beat. 

My favorite fit52 exercise is the alternating glute kickbacks because it helps increase circulation in my legs. This is very important for my lymphedema. I also enjoy the bodyweight renegade rows because they help me build muscle in my arms. Overall, I enjoy every exercise I have tried and with a little practice, I feel myself growing stronger and stronger. After all, nothing happens overnight. 

I measure my progress by how healthy I feel. Meaning, I am not trying to lose weight or meet a certain goal. I simply want to be able to be a part of my family, be with my husband and my cat, and live life to the fullest. Being a cashier means that my job is heavily dependent on my attitude, and when I finish my fit52 workout I wear my smile everywhere I go. 

I’ve been trying to incorporate wellness into every aspect of my life, not just physical. I love baking and cooking and I am slowly starting to learn meditation. I’ve always had a problem sitting still, so I love to keep myself busy. The best advice I can give is not to wait for something to happen. Be true to who you are. We all have dreams of something we want to do or someone we want to be. So just go for it, there is no finish line. 

having the courage to post sweat selfies

My own personal journey began by watching others achieve their dreams, and I knew I had nothing to lose in finding the courage to try to achieve my own. Now a full year later, I have found my passion for fitness and I have never felt better. I love taking the time to do a workout because it means putting that time into myself. If I need to take a break or modify an exercise, I will, but I will never quit. 

No matter who you are or what your ability is, you DO have the power to succeed. Whether it is a medical condition, time, or whatever excuse is stopping you from trying, remember that almost most of the time, the real obstacle between you and your goal is YOU. Thank you fit52 for making me realize that.

At the end of the day, I am a diehard Carrie Underwood fan since 2005, but with or without her, fit52 has changed my life. My eating habits haven’t changed, but my energy and mood has. Smoothies and oatmeal are my go-to’s for breakfast—I still drink lots of coffee and eat maybe way too much chocolate, but that’s life. All I know is that I have found my path, and I have built such incredible confidence in myself because I know anything is possible if I have the courage to try.


Lindsay and her husband found the courage to obtain wellness together

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