Carrie Underwood and Other fit52 Moms Share How to Stay Active with Kids

Carrie Underwood fit mom at a playground
Cameron Premo, FIND YOUR PATH

As a mother of two young boys, Carrie knows just how hard it can be to spend quality time with your kids and squeeze in a regular exercise routine. Her trick? Combine the two—find fun activities you both love and get active together!

A tip from Carrie Underwood’s book, FIND YOUR PATH:

Find your inner child. Don’t just watch your kids play tag or red rover or capture the flag. Join in. Young kids still think their parents are cool enough to play with, but that won’t last long, so get it while you can! Some other fun things to do outside with kids are to make your own obstacle course, give each other “challenges” (like, “Touch every tree in the yard and run back to me and I’ll time you. Now it’s my turn.”) Set up a zipline (be safe!). Learn how to hula-hoop. Have a water balloon fight. Have a three-legged race. Climb a tree (carefully!). Get some sidewalk chalk and play hopscotch or jump rope.”

We asked moms in the fit52 community to show us how they stay active with their kids. We were so inspired by their responses:

1. Make the most of your mornings together.


2. Invite them to be your workout buddy.


3. Let your imagination run wild!


4. Keep it goofy!


5. Join them in doing what they love.


6. Get creative with your workout gear.


7. Keep up with them, day-by-day.


8. Celebrate your progress together.


*Responses may be edited for grammar and clarity.

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