How fit52 makes my mom life easier with workouts and meals

Hi fit52 family!

I’m Hayley, living in southern New Zealand with my partner and two sons. Feeling confident in my body and being able to trust it has always been important to me. Even more so since becoming a mom and finding it harder to get in time for the things I enjoy – including exercise! That’s why fit52 has made such an impact on my day-to-day, especially making my mom life easier with workouts and meals! I still go through ups and downs with my commitment to regular workouts. However, these days I’m kinder to myself and listen to what my body needs. 

The Great Outdoors

I’ve always loved getting outdoors, and for most of my life, this was the only way I exercised. Now with two young kids, I’ve found it even harder to make the time to go running, skiing or mountain biking – especially when the trails and mountains are no longer right on my doorstep. With fit52, I can easily incorporate exercise into my life and choose to work out when it’s convenient for me. Some weeks are busier than others, so sometimes I only get a couple of workouts in. Other weeks, I have more time and get a good 5 workouts in. Also, if I’m having a lower energy day, I listen to my body and dial it back. If I feel energetic and motivated, I challenge myself with a workout!

Meal Prepping

I work from home as a food writer, so making sure I start the day with exercise or incorporate it in later is important. Even though for the most part this is a dream job, I am constantly writing about food, cooking, or tasting dishes. This means I can get a bit overwhelmed by food and flavour. That’s why having some wholesome and easy recipes to turn to is super helpful.

In particular, the boys and I have been loving the new smoothie recipes in the fit52 nutrition hub. Whether for a tasty, filling breakfast or a hearty after-school snack – they’re quick, easy, and delicious! There are quite a few recipes on the app that I prepare ahead of time. This has made for super easy, throw-together weekday lunches when I’m busy with work or family commitments. I will definitely keep prepping some food in advance to make sure I am eating well throughout the day. Another essential life hack that I’ve started since getting the fit52 app.

The Legacy of a Routine

Finding a daily and weekly workout routine that can easily be incorporated into my life has meant that I have stuck to it, leaving me feeling more accomplished, strong and confident. Keeping up my fitness is still an important priority in my life. Using the fit52 app to build a routine has also made it easier to trust my body. This allows me to enjoy myself when the opportunity arises to head out into the mountains with my family (my toddler loves going in the hiking backpack!). I want to continue this habit in the coming years. Having my boys grow up seeing their mom prioritize exercise and keeping her body healthy is so important to me and for them. fit52’s workouts and meals have made my mom life so much easier and that’s why fit52 will always be essential in my fitness journey. 

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Hayley x