Get Pumped for Your Workout with Carrie Underwood’s Personal Playlists

Woman at the gym listening to music on headphones

Can listening to music actually help you get fit?

The answer is a resounding “Yes.”

Ever heard that the best way to study for an exam is to mimic a test-like environment? The idea is that when you’re taking the test, the familiar conditions will help to trigger your memory recall. The exact same rule applies here! By listening to certain songs while working out, your brain naturally begins to associate them with the act of exercising, automatically boosting your energy levels and physical performance.

Music also acts as a healthy distraction. In helping to take your mind off of the physical exertion, it can reduce feelings of fatigue and increase your endurance by as much as 15 percent. Combine that with the power of uplifting lyrics, and you’ve found the perfect motivational tool to keep your mind and body moving.

What are the best songs to listen to when working out?

Listening to music while working out can become a sort of dance, where you naturally move along with the rhythm of a song. Keep this in mind when queuing up a playlist—you should be looking for songs with a BPM (beats per minute) that matches the intensity of your workout. We promise it’s not as complicated as it sounds—some streaming platforms even let you filter songs by BPM!

As a rule of thumb, aim for a tempo around the 120-140 BPM mark when you’re engaging in cardio or other fast-paced activities. Then when you want to ease off the intensity for a warm-up or cool-down session, more mellow tunes around 80-90 BPM are the ideal pace to slow down your heart rate.

Want a kickstart? Try Carrie Underwood’s personal playlists.

If the idea of building your own playlists seems daunting, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. We asked Carrie Underwood what tunes she likes to listen to when working out, and boy did she deliver! She curated all her favorite songs into 3 playlists to suit different workout types and intensity levels.

FIND YOUR PATH Playlist for Running

Let’s get your feet moving and your heart racing. These upbeat bangers from Missy Elliot, Outkast, and M.I.A set the perfect rhythm to push the pace of your morning run.

FIND YOUR PATH Playlist for Weight Lifting

Getting pumped for a weight-lifting session? With music from My Chemical Romance, The Beastie Boys, and Guns N’ Roses, these are the heavy powerful jams you need to get those reps in.

FIND YOUR PATH Playlist for Any Workout

Looking for a versatile playlist for your everyday workout? This one has it all—from Rihanna to Van Halen to Bruno Mars, these tunes are bound to boost your energy and get you motivated.

Our Tip: Integrate music into your workout!

Did you know you can sync Spotify and Apple Music playlists with your fit52 workout? Just click  “Audio Prompts” when starting a workout, connect to a streaming platform, and choose a playlist!

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