Fit52 Life: How Phil Cormier Uses Competition to Fuel His Growth


As a fit52 trainer and owner of a family of fitness studios, Phil Cormier has years of experience motivating people to reach their health and wellness goals. In his personal life, he strives to uphold those very same goals in his path towards a balanced lifestyle. He joined Fit52 Life to share his favorite fitness tools and why he thinks a little healthy competition is the key to growth.

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What’s your secret to starting the day off right?
Wake up early, hydrate, and a black coffee. I end each night by writing down my goals, tasks, and a to-do list so I have a clear plan every morning.

How do you honor your body and stay active?
Being the owner of four fitness studios, I stay active by teaching and participating in HIIT classes on the daily. I also take time outside of the gym to focus on my mobility, stability, and flexibility. I’m an avid golfer, flag football player, and skier.

Do you have a not-so-guilty pleasure?
I know it’s basic, but pizza and red wine!

Phil’s Wellness Picks:

BCAAs and Protein Powder

Wheatgrass Juice

I use my Vitamix daily—it’s the easiest way to get all my greens in.

What fuels your soul?
If you know me, you know I’m a huge sports guy that’s not afraid of a little competition. Challenges are my fuel! Whether it be physically, mentally, in business, or in relationships. I pride myself on staying educated and putting in the work! That’s the secret to growing as a person.

What motivates you to stay the path?
My family and loved ones motivate me to be the best version of myself. Running a fitness business allows me to educate my community in many ways—it’s so rewarding to see our members reach their goals!

Phil’s Workout Playlist:

Phil’s Words of Motivation:

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