Fit52 Life: Ivey Childers on Focusing on Family and the Fit52 Life

Ivey Childer sits at her kitchen island with a big smile on her face. Legs crossed, she holds a drink in her right hand.


As a wife, mother, proud creator of boutique bakery Ivey Cake, long-time friend to Carrie Underwood, and avid fitness enthusiast, Ivey Childers truly embodies the do-it-all spirit.

Her plant-based recipes come from the heart—and as a mother of two, an entrepreneur, and a proud owner of two dogs, she still managed to take some time out of her hectic schedule to tell us her secrets to living a healthy, fulfilled life.

What’s your secret to starting the day off right?
When I wake up, I always stop and look out the window to check out the early morning sky. I have one great cup of coffee, and then straight to my fit52 workout! I feel like I can accomplish whatever I want after my workout is done. 

How do you honor your body and stay active?
I honor myself by making the decision every week. I lay out my workout intentions ahead of time. Lately, my preferred rhythm is a fit52 workout four times a week, and yoga twice a week (or one long outdoor run and one yoga session). I always choose one day to rest.

Every now and then, I sense I need to take a break from the rhythm. When I do, I always come back stronger. I don’t work under a guilt-driven mindset. I tossed that out a long time ago. My overall mindset is that I get to work out because I physically can and I don’t ever want to lose that. The fit52 app has helped me keep my path consistent more than any other time in my life.

Do you have a not-so-guilty pleasure?
I plan my meal splurges when I am ready, and I cook them at home. I love roasted potatoes, homemade pizza, scones and biscuits, and a full-on vegetarian Mexican feast with an excellent margarita. My ultimate guilty pleasure is a plate of homemade fettuccine.  I make it for myself on my birthday every year.

Ivey’s Wellness Picks:

Bergamot Essential Oil
I am deeply in love with essential oils and I could never just pick one, but right now my favorite is Bergamot for great relaxation and sleep. I use it for my whole family at night. 

Sanitas Skincare
I have been using Sanitas skincare line for over a year and I will never look back. Their pumpkin peel is phenomenal on my skin but so is everything they have. You can shop their line at the most amazing spa in Leipers Fork. I know the owner Lisa, who has created and developed this incredible skincare line.

B.true Essentials
B.true Essentials lip remedy is the BEST. Not another lip balm compares. The owner, Bridget Cullen, is one of my dear friends with a passion for all-natural and organic ingredients. She scored big on this creation.  

What fuels your soul?
I honestly cook for my family for fun. I love to create, test recipes, and develop my own dishes. It is a creative outlet and relaxes me almost every time.

Lately, I have really loved spending time in my garden. I am learning as I go. I have picked up a few tips from Carrie as she is a couple of years ahead of me on garden life. 

I have also been in the routine of meditating this year by quieting my mind and listening to my breath. With two small children—one with extra special needs—my body and mom-brain never stop. I need a space in my day where my only job, even if for 5 minutes, is not to listen to my thoughts or analyze anything. It has brought me deeper sleep as well. This has been a beautiful way God has shown me how to calm my whole nervous system and listen.

What motivates you to stay the path?
Carrie is a huge motivator for me because she is naturally dedicated. We have been friends for so many years and I have watched her balance motherhood, work, and self-care so beautifully. I am grateful we are like-minded in all of these roles and we can hold each other accountable. Her incredible fit52 app along with the greatest workout clothes (CALIA by Carrie Underwood) help move me along every week. My children are equally an inspiration to me, as I model to them what conscious healthy life choices and balance look like every day.

Ivey’s Workout Playlist:

Ivey’s Favorite Words of Motivation:

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