Fit52 Life: Cara Clark’s Approach to Nutrition, Spirituality, and Family

Cara Clark stands smiling in her kitchen


This month, we are excited to highlight Cara Clark’s personal approach to health & wellness. A Certified Sports and Clinical Nutritionist, she has a passion for guiding people to manage nutrition-related issues and promoting their overall health.

As one of Carrie Underwood’s friends, you’ll find many of Cara’s personal recipes featured throughout FIND YOUR PATH. You can also learn more about her “non-dieting” approach to nutrition at her website, Cara Clark Nutrition.

What’s your secret to starting the day off right?
Besides coffee? Spending the first ten minutes of every day engaging in my spiritual health, connecting with God to ask for guidance and wisdom, and being so grateful for all I’ve been given.

How do you honor your body and stay active?
I like to honor my body by switching things up. I’m not just talking about all hardcore workouts. I like to switch things up based on what season of life I’m in.

Sometimes my workouts look like an hour of playing soccer or another sport with my daughters. Sometimes my runs turn into walks based on being a little more worn down. Other times, I feel great and my 3-mile run turns into 5 miles. Sometimes my 30-min fit52 workout takes 50 minutes and sometimes I get it in the exact amount of time.

I appreciate my body more now in my mid-30s than I ever have and workouts have become intuitive based on what I feel like my body needs from me.

What fuels your soul?
Feeling like I’m close to God. For me, that is being with my four daughters and husband—traveling and adventuring with them, watching them play sports, etc.

And I love being in nature..especially lakes and mountains! I love the practice of meditation, and for me I call it listening prayer.  

Cara’s Workout Tunes:

Cara’s Health & Wellness Picks:

Bambu Earth Skincare
So much skin care can actually negatively impact your hormone panel. I choose to use products that work for my whole body and not just my face. 

Dry Brush
I’ve been enjoying this practice for a few months and it has become a huge part of my wellness practice. It helps improve detoxification, smooths skin, improves circulation, and even gives a boost of energy. 

My current favorite to help with any inflammation, even from hormone shifts.

Do you have a not-so-guilty pleasure?
It’s a tie between dark chocolate and red wine.

What motivates you to stay the path?
My kids! If it weren’t for them—wanting to be present, engaged, and energetic—I may not have the perseverance every day to make great health decisions.

Cara’s Favorite Words of Motivation:

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