5 Reasons Low-Impact Workouts Benefit All Fitness Levels, from Beginners to Advanced

While you may associate low-impact workouts only benefiting people with low mobility or injuries, there are plenty of benefits that are effective for everyone! Whether you are at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced fitness level, low-impact exercises can offer you some pretty special benefits. We’re here to give the fit52 fam the scoop on the top 5 reasons low-impact workouts benefit all fitness levels and why you should start adding them to your routine today.

1. Less stress on joints and muscles

This benefit makes low-impact workouts appealing to older age groups and injured persons, but it can also be an inviting approach for beginners. The slower and less-intense movements can help those new to work out build confidence and become more comfortable with new exercises1.

2. More consistent activity

Because low-impact workouts put less stress on the joints and muscles, there is a lessened need for rest days (see the first point). By utilizing low-impact workouts, you can increase your workout volume, which is perfect for building healthy habits and getting into a routine2.

3. Better form and technique

Since low-impact exercises do not require speed or heavy movement, there is more time to focus on your form. This betters technique and prevents injury, as well as strengthens your mind-muscle connection 1.

4. Improved balance and flexibility

Following up on the last point, slower movement improves your balance by strengthening your core, especially during single-leg movements1. You can find some of these movements in fit52’s Yoga Flow or Full Body Flow. Increased core strength and balance go hand-in-hand with flexibility because low-impact exercises also often include full-range-of-motion movements3. These full-range movements deepen your stretches, improving your overall flexibility.

5. Apartment friendly

Finally, low-impact workouts are more realistic for those who live in shared spaces like dorms or apartments1. The slower movements and lack of jumping reduce noise and keep your status as a courteous neighbor. This also means you can work out at any time, whether it’s early in the morning, during late afternoon nap time, or after dinner. With low-impact workouts, you won’t have to worry about noise complaints (BONUS)!

Low-impact workouts are for everyone! These are just the top 5 reasons low-impact workouts benefit all fitness levels, but there are tons more! So the next time you feel unmotivated to exercise, open up the fit52 and try a low-impact workout. And who knows, they might be your new favorite type of exercise.

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